Baseball Bat Handle Baseball Holder
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A unique and elegant solid wood baseball holder, this baseball gift design incorporates an actual baseball bat handle mounted onto a furniture grade cherry wood base. This baseball bat handle made from select ashwood or furniture grade maple wood is mounted upright onto the contrasting cherry wood base showcasing the baseball bat handle. This baseball product designed for fans, customers or colleagues with discerning good taste is unique and was awarded a patent by the US government patent office. This is a perfect baseball keepsake to showcase that special baseball with a complimenting quality baseball holder that any real baseball entusiast would be proud to own. Sometimes the plastic baseball holders and plastic baseball display cases are not acceptable for a special baseball display. These baseball holders are museum quality contruction for years of enjoyment. Sometimes nothing is better than the best for yourself or for your friends. Personalizing with your company name and logo is available creating an exceptional and beautiful gift for yourself or for your employees, customers and colleagues. (After clicking on the photo above to enlarge, please wait until the three sample photo loads.)

  • Item #: CTCP004

Baseball Bat Handle Baseball Holder

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