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This is the original quality baseball clock that, back in 1993, started all the baseball clocks you now see and it is still the best. Here you have an authentic Rawlings official league baseball, the most widely used baseball in all of baseball. (Major League Baseball logo baseballs by Rawlings are also available.) Mounted into this baseball is a complimenting felt lined gold cup which holds the Seiko clock timepiece secure and allows for easy removal for setting the time and changing the battery. This timepiece has a mineral glass crystal accented with a gold plated brass bezel. This baseball clock is available separately as you see here or may be combined with any other base we offer to create your own unique baseball home or office accessory. Here, unlike the other baseball clock copies, is a quality baseball clock that uses a real game baseball and a quality timepiece that even those with discriminating tastes would be happy to give to fellow baseball players, fans, executives and colleagues. Look no further for that Mothers Day gift, Fathers Day gift, or any gift for any occasion. When clicking on image to enlarge give it a little time to load as there will be multiple images to view. Thank you.

If you would like help with creating your personal baseball clock and base we are here and happy to help. Just e-mail our office and a dedicated person will contact you to guarantee your experience with Cooperstown Time Company is a pleasant one.

  • Item #: CTCP005

Baseball Clock That Started The Baseball Clock Gift Industry

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